In each project we aim to respond in a creative and analytical way, both to the client's functional and budget requirements and what we describe as the cultural context. Each project, whatever its size, is designed in dialogue and in response to its users, site and neighbours.

Our approach varies according to the project but always focusses on:

understanding our clients' requirements in depth, whether these are pragmatic and specific, or broad and less quantifiable.

collaborating with all involved in the project - initially with the client and the design team but also with contractors, manufacturers, approving authorities etc. in order to produce really effective design solutions.

adding value which can be defined in a number of ways and edpends on the project. This may include researching options to optimise the design, coordination of other consultants, planning and programming, managing approval and procurement processes, or by acting on the client's behalf during construction.

A key part of the context of each project is environmental sustainability. Projects are systematically reviewed and our team includes specialists in buildings of low environmental impact (LEED, BREEAM etc).

All projects are overseen by the Principal, with a Project Architect appointed when appropriate. The stages of the design are agreed at the outset and are usually based on the guidelines of the Royal Institute of British Architects.