The relative narrowness of street means that the front facade is seen mostly at angles from street level, or from 'underneath' when in front of the building.

The three levels of car parking above the street level required a ventilated wall. The drawings show this made of vertical concrete 'V' panels; these are intended to have changing works of art applied/painted across the full facade. As one approaches the building only one side of each V is visible; on approaching from the other direction, the other side is visible. Thus two images can be applied to the wall of Vs.

The drawings show the V wall painted with two images taken from Cambodian temples. Each image can be viewed correctly from only one position; from other positions the image is distorted. Standing in front of the building and looking up, one sees both images - in strips and distorted.

1 Facade from the east.
2 Facade from the front (south). The shadows are based on a sun-path model and are the 'worst-case' (Dec/Jan at 4.00pm). The overhangs and shading devices provide full shade to windows for most of the year.
3 facade from the west.
4 Section showing gallery on ground and basement; five split-levels of parking, and apartments above (four, three bed apartments per floor).

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