offices and apartments

Offord Studios, Islington, London

Design of a mixed-use scheme comprising part conversion and part new-build, to provide shared work-spaces and ten new apartments. A new landscaped courtyard was formed, through which the offices are entered. New floors were added, with balconies and terraces. The project is based around a comprehensive sustainability strategy (developed by consultants XCO2; 'brown' roof by Marie Clarke).
Client: Offord Works Partnership
Construction cost (all phases): £2m.
Completed: 2003 (phase 1) and 2005 (phase 2).

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mixed use development

Borey Nagara, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The project is located on the north edge of the town and aims to establish a model for new urban development in the area, as well as creating a new neighbourhood. Our involvement was from master-planning to construction drawings. New public spaces with shops, offices and restaurants face the main road; close to these are a theatre and hotel. Behind these is a residential area, with 300 apartments and 34 houses, along with a sports club. Low energy systems and water recycling are key parts of the concept.
Site area: 7.2 hectares.
Client: Elain Younn
Under phased construction. Started on site 2008.

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Mekong River Commission, Vientiane, Laos

The MRC relocated from Phnom Penh to Vientiane in Laos, to a new building of around 4,200m2 provided by the Laos government. We planned the interiors, designed specific areas such as the library and reception area, as well as coordinating alterations to the building and IT installations. Completed 2004.
Client: Mekong River Commission
Completed: 2004.

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Asian Development Bank, Cambodia Office, Phnom Penh

The ADB needed to expand its offices; it found a site in central Phnom Penh where the land-lord would renovate two existing buildings and construct a new building - all to suit the ADB's requirements (1,500 sq m). We acted as a design and technical advisor to the ADB throughout the project. One of the existing buildings was originally a 1920's colonial villa and was restored.
Client: ADB Cambodia Resident Mission
Completed 2005.


United Nations House, Cambodia

The United Nations in Phnom Penh wanted to create a new 'UN House' headquaters building of approximately 7,000 sq m; currently the UN agencies are in different locations around the city. Our role was to develop a full schematic architectural design and site layout and prepare documents describing the Client's Requirements, for a design/build tender.The project incorporated rigorous environmental standards and aimed to achieve a LEED silver rating. The team included international engineers and LEED consultants.
Client: United Nations Development Programme, Cambodia.
Design completed 2009.

offices and conference rooms

United Nations Development Program offices, Cambodia

UNDP Cambodia needed to improve their conference facilities as well as reorganise their reception. In a separate phase, external security was to be improved by new perimeter walls. We provided architectural, interior and graphic design.
Client: United Nations Development Programme, Cambodia
Completed 2005 and 2007.

apartments and retail

247 Goswell Road, London EC1

The project concerned a new four-storey, in-fill building with commercial premises on the ground floor and apartments above, for a developer. Clean detailing and good-quality materials create a low-maintenence, contemporary facade to the street. Being a single-staircase bulding, fire precautions were onerous.
Client: Peter Blake Properties
Construction cost: £250,000.
Completed: 2000.

bank and office building

ANZ Royal, Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh

A new branch for ANZ Royal, the building has 9 storeys including a basement. The main banking hall is at first floor, accessed by escalators and overlooking Monivong Boulevard. The offices have a separate entrance on the north side of the building; customer parking is at ground floor level below the offices, staff parking in the basement.
Client: ANZ Royal
Competition entry 2007.


Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh

The project is an eight storey, 27 serviced-apartment building, facing a garden and pool. Parking is underground. The site arrangement meant that main windows had to face east/west (low sun angles), so the facades are designed to reduce heat gain from the sun by means of deep overhangs and large sliding louvred shutters. Water heating utilises solar panels and the space cooling system is centralised for efficiency. Walls and roof are thermally insulated to a high standard. Quality of space/layout and low-carbon (ie low running costs) are selling points in a competitive market.
Total floor: 7,000m2.
Client: Nguon Vothy Development Corp Ltd
Design completed 2007.

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art gallery and apartments

Street 178, Phnom Penh

The project addresses issues of living in the city of Phnom Penh, and cultural development. Six floors of apartments (24 in total, for sale) are placed above three floors of parking. Below, at street and basement level, is a 'mall' which contains mostly art gallery(s) but includes related retail units and a cafe. Part of the facade (see 'more images') can be used for art. Apartments at the rear have terraces enclosed by top-lit narrow gardens and have a 'courtyard-garden' feel to provide outside green space when the neighbouring sites are developed.
Total floor: 6,500m2.
Client: VT Property and Development
Design completed 2007.

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apartments and commercial

Caledonian Road, Islington, London

A new, low energy, building on a long-derelict difficult corner site in the Barnsbury Conservation area was designed to accomodate a restaurant or office on two levels with three apartments above. The facades were developed to reconcile the street corner - adjacent protected buildings, each with shops at ground level, are at different levels due to a slope in the ground.
Client: Ital-World Developments
Projected cost: £420,000.
Design completed 2003.

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Knickerbox clothing shops, England

Following the restyling of Knickerbox outlets in 1997 by retail consultants, we were appointed as executive designers to apply the new house style in an rolling programme. Two shops were completed.
Client: Knickerbox Ltd