A selection of projects for private clients is shown below:

interior design and landscaping

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The house was originally built in the 1970s. The project involved fitting out the interior including custom made furniture, and designing the garden. The interior is calm and light. The garden is densely planted and shady; all the plants are large-leaved species. Hardlandscaping includes old railway sleepers and river gravel, which recall for the occupants the beaches of Suffolk in England. Completed 2003. The house and garden have been used for TV and photo-shoots. Specialist planting by Bill Grant.

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remodelling a colonial house

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Thought to have been built in the 1920s, this French/Indochinese house had had a number of alterations made but still retained many fine features. We rebuilt the roof to the original line and created open, flowing spaces inside with reflected natural light. The ground floor can be used as a shop; the house above is on two levels and has an open kitchen/dining space with retractable 'awning' roofs. Completed 2005.

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private house

Lower Chute, Wiltshire, UK

Agricultural buildings on the edge of a village were partly demolished and rebuilt to make a family house. Within a sensitive Conservation Area, Planning Approval was achieved without delays. The interior was designed to be flexible and open, maximising the feeling of size of connection to the outside. Completed 2002.

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private house in a historic timber barn

Henham, Suffolk, UK

The conversion of a Grade 2 listed, 17th century oak barn into a house. Advantage was taken of the high roof by placing the smaller rooms on the ground floor. The first floor spaces and entrance hall are open to the exposed thatch. All additions to the existing structure are contemporary, to establish a dynamic with the existing elements. Completed 2004.

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conversion and extension

Occold, Suffolk, UK

The conversion of a brick barn into residential accommodation and the addition of a glazed link between the barn and the house. Restoration of the original fabric is set against modern details using traditional materials. Completed 1996.

remodelling of an apartment

Shepherds Hill, Highgate

A duplex flat in a 1960's block was refitted, opening the living room to a study area and remodelling the bathroom to include a frosted glass wall. Light and translucence were the theme. In the photo, lamps illuminate the fibre-glass balustrade from the inside, and sunlight plays on the outside. Completed 2000.

renovation of a historic house

Elgin Crescent, Notting Hill

The refurbishment of a four storey terraced 19th C house, including the deepening of the basement and a sliding glass wall. A stone terrace was set into the garden, at the foot of a curved lawn. Completed 2001.

house renovation and extension

Milton Park, Highgate

The refurbishment of a four storey terrace house. The opening up of the ground floor and the addition of a garden room, introduced light and flexibillity, linking the ground floor spaces with the outside. In the photos, a new room is part-conservatory but part-inside, a transition between garden and house. Completed 2000.